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Sunshine Bridge

Getting Haircuts


Olivia and Emma watch Uncle Tom's train


Anne shows Olivia knitting techniques


Matt had this cast plaque made for his engine

There are 10 trucks here

Matt and his ladder truck


The small pumper

Matt at the wheel

Genesee Street, Rochester truck

The pumper's working controls

Lunch in Tarpon Springs at a Greek Restaurant

In Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs Harbor

Sacred Heart Church in downtown Tampa

A very traditional church

Matt, Kelley, Emma and her Godparents


Emma and her Aunt Pam

Tom's sister, Peggy lives in Safety Harbor near Tampa with her husband Hal. We headed up over the Sunshine Bridge and arrived on Friday in mid-afternoon. After a short visit, we parked the RV and Peggy took us to Great Clips to get overdo haircuts. We then had a treat. Hal and Peggy were babysitting for their two granddaughters, Olivia and Emma. We went out to dinner and the girls were well behaved diners. This is a special weekend for Emma who is three. She is being baptized on Sunday and her aunt Pam flew down from Washington DC, so we were waiting up late for her plane to arrive. Olivia who is 5 was a perfect hostess and wile we waited, she asked if we "needed anything to drink." Pam arrived around midnight.

The next day, we saw a fantastic array of fire trucks. Matt, Peggy & Hal's son, is the owner of a ladder truck and two pumpers. One pumper was once located in Rochester on Genesee Street and Matt, who grew up in Rochester, remembers it from his childhood. Tom went wild photographing the fire trucks and Anne got to sit behind the wheel like a real fire person. There are nearly a dozen trucks in the barn, all being preserved by a dedicated group of people who drive them in parades.

Sunday was devoted to Emma's baptism in downtown Tampa. There were three baptisms at noon and Emma was a bit frightened by the ceremony - especially when the water was poured over her forehead.

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