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Hey everyone!!

So, I just got back from an ALL GIRLS weekend!!! It was the four Kappa Delta's who took a weekend to get rejuvenated. Hannah, Jasmine, Katie K and I had planned to go to a small Swiss town called Leukerbad that had thermal baths and sledging (sort of like tobogganing) and we found the perfect hotel/apartment about 10 minutes away but the hotel bailed on us on Thursday. And we were leaving Friday after school at 1ish. On Thursday night we were trying to write a paper for Kent's class and searching for a place to go-a little down to the wire. We were thinking we would go to either Genoa, Italy or Lyon, France but we were having trouble finding hotels for the prices we wanted. We knew we wanted something low-key where we didn't have a huge agenda besides sleeping in and hanging out. Hannah decided she would look at a map and pick a random town by the water. She found Cervia, a little sea town on the Adriatic Coast about 5 and a half hours from Lugano. Since it is their off season we found a great deal for a hotel across the street from the beach. The town itself wasn't the nicest place-I think I was expecting something a little more charming but it was definitely a great weekend to be with the girls. Even though I see these people morning, noon, and night I think we talked more during the weekend than we had in the past two months. Lots of girly topics. We probably went to bed around 12:30 both nights, got plenty of sleep, had long breakfasts and dinners, went on a bike ride during the day on Saturday, dyed Hannah's blonde hair brown, watched a movie in our room, napped and mostly just talked and hung out. What a lazy life we led this weekend.

We felt like celebrities on Saturday night at dinner. The restaurant in the hotel was filled with Italians and us American girls were treated like royalty-everyone was so nice. We walked in and we got a lot of stares and then when we sat down a table full of Italian men (who are notorious for being a little pushy and forward) asked to take a picture with us and they even bought each girl a rose and clapped when we got them. I realized that we look a lot more American than we think we do. I really thought, from the way we were treated, like Cervians had never seen American tourists before. It was funny! All in all it was a very needed getaway and it was so nice to be with my best girl friends in a smaller group in a calmer setting :)

I only have one more week of class and then I will have completed 9 credits already! Hard to believe! We finished Italian this past week and we took our final. Our whole class loved our teacher, Magda, but I don't think I'll miss Italian too much. Starting this Friday I will be off on my second week break-I am going with my boyfriend, Daniel, to Vilseck, Germany to visit family friends, and then to Garmisch to ski/snowboard, Fussen to see the Cinderella castle and then we are ending in Rome for 4 days. We don't have class until that next Wednesday so I may not be getting back until Tuesday afternoon. But, I will post pictures when I get back to the Montarina!

Pictures are posted from this weekend!!


Ciao for now!!

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