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Roatan Butterfly Farm


The Keel billed toucan can be found from Southern Mexico to Columbia








Cooling off after our trip to the butterfly farm

A view of the mountains on the mainland, rarely visible from the...

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Visiting the butterfly farm

Where does the time go? Thursday is here and it’s my last day with mi amigas. We packed a lot of fun and sun into the week and tried to show the girls as much of the island as possible while still finding time to relax.

The butterfly farm was a short walk from town and John sent us off while he enjoyed some alone time on the boat. He understands how much this visit means to me, how much I miss my family and girlfriends and wanted me to savour every moment.

There were as many tropical birds to see as there were butterflies and the tour was very informative. I didn’t make notes so I cannot properly identify all the birds we saw but I did take lots of pictures.

Our friends Jim and Jeanie arrived in Oasis shortly after we returned from the Butterfly farm and I was anxious for them to meet Donna and Kathy. Only a fellow cruiser can appreciate how special a visit from family and friends is when you are far away for long periods of time. Yes we lead a wonderful, exciting lifestyle but like everything in life it’s a trade off. I know many of you envy us this lifestyle but how many could survive without the ones they love?

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