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Our site at Koreshan Historic Site

Anne shows Fred and Jean her Kindle (Amazon book)

We had lunch with Fred & Jean at Cosi

The lunch was great

We then toured the site

The main structure

Cellular Cosmology lecture. See how the earth is enclosed in a shell.




A kitchen

They brought their furniture from Chicago

Their wood work was very ornate

This is the building where new recruits would sign up. No, we...

Netting was essential for comfortable sleeping.

The Estero River. It was rainy, so we did not get a...

Spanish moss

This turtle was nearly 2 ft. in diameter


Back to the campground. A typical secluded site.

We had corn on the cob in the middle of February!

Strawberry shortcake too.

A rainy day.

We moved up just a little bit north to the Koreshan Historic Site and campground in Estero on the Estero River. Our friends, Jean and Fred Lindenhovius, are vacationing in Estero and we toured the Historic Site with them. The Koreshans were a "cult" in the late 1800's and early 1900's who believed the earth was inside a hollow sphere. They were enterprising, had a bakery where they baked bread in large ovens and tried to recruit members to grow to a ten million population. Well, when humans made it to the moon, the last survivor said, "I lost my faith when man landed on the moon." The land was deeded to the State which now preserves this as a part of "the real Florida." It was amazing to drive in from the Tamiami road (RT41) which looks like typical commercial America to this oasis of time turned back.

Part of the recreation of time past are daily demonstrations of old the ways. One of these demonstrations was the baking of the original Koreshan bread recipe in Dutch Ovens on charcoal.

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