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Checking in on our own private plane to Pakse, Laos.

Us with the crew. Someone was still flying the plane, though.

More of us with the crew on the Thai Airways flight.

You don't get to try and fly the plane when you are...

Confusing sign on a bank machine that explains why we didn't get...

Us in Pakse, posing with the Mekong. We were excited that Thailand...

We've arrived in Laos, on our very own private jet. (Not that we actually thought it would be our private jet, but no one else was on the ever-popular Siem Reap to Pakse flight. There were more people working on the plane (4) than traveling on the plane (2, or us). We made friends with the crew, and will be sure to post some photos soon.

They spoiled us rotten! Next time you are taking a plane, try and make it Bangkok Airways - and also try and be the only people on the plane. That helps in the spoiled rotten department.

We had three full, amazing days in Siem Reap visiting the temple ruins of Angkor (Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm, etc. etc. etc.). We will hopefully get some photos and thoughts up soon, at least a few so that you can experience a bit of the wonder that we did.

So why really is it that we are at an internet cafe? something strange happened at an ATM and we needed to call our bank online (a regular phone call cost up to $2 a minute but over the internet it is just $.30). We learned that the ATMs only have a limited amount of cash each day and we showed up after all the cash had been dispensed. So we entered all of our info and then nothing came out. Kind of made us worry even if it was only for $70 which is worth 700,000 kip. All is good - the transaction did not go through but it is a reminder that we are certainly in a different part of the world now!

We are now preparing for our onward travels - they include a 5 day motorcycle journey into remote areas for homestays, as well as Kyla taking a one-day session in silk weaving with the local female artisans. And as for Nick? He may help out the men with a day of fishing on the Mekong.

We are still have the trip of a lifetime :)

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