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The House of the Magician.

Quadrangle behind the Magician House. Possibly was a military school.Scene of light...

Uxmals`s ball court.

Karen up top of pyramid.

And me of course!

View from top of temple.

There`s a hole in my temple dear Liza....

View from the hotel roof terrace.

As safety supervisor at Anglo I would´t have been happy with this.

Classis Mexico. Another view from my hotel.

Took us 3 hours from Chichen Itza to reach Uxmal but it was worth it. So much more peaceful than Chichen Itza with far less tour parties having made the trip. It was almost like we had the whole place to ourselves at times. Uxmal is set in the jungle and has much more to be uncovered. It is about have the size of Coba. We were greeted first by the Magicians Temple/House which had a facade having all the hallmarks of other ruins we had seen ie. the serpent and carvings of Chac Mool the Rain God. Moving into the quadrangle behind the Magician`s Temple we found it to be in good condition with many symbols of the Gods which the Mayans worshipped. After this we headed through the by now expected Ball court and over to the Grand Pyramid. With 32 metres in height we both headed up to get the view of the whole place. A bit more tricky coming down as usual.

The Ruler`s palace was last on our places to check out. It had a strong smell coming from it which for once wasn`t me:)) but actually bats pooh. Bats nest inside the dark rooms inside the temple. Needless to say we didn`t hang around to long and headed to our hotel. It was meant to be 1 1/2 star according to but it had a pool, massage and spa as well as a reasonable restaurant with friendly staff. Star rating harsh I thought especially when I found the roof terrace from where the Uxmal sight could be seen.

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