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Nice trees don`t you think? Not a cathedral in sight!

On top of fort. Don`t think much of their Guns!!

Imagine what the locals must have thought seeing this through their eyepiece!

Zorro! Yes - almost as good as going to Southfork!

Campeche is known for the pride the locals take in their streets.

Don`t think the locals waould be all that proud of this bit...

A much more impressive gun on top of the city wall.

Campeche from its fort.

And finally the end of another day sightseeing.

Had a good wander round the ancient walls and fort of Campeche. The temperature was incredible that day but it was worth sticking it out. There are a lot of old streets which show how people used to live and still do. Unfortunately as you can see from the photos the facades are all that remain of some. The bars used to be haunts of men only but even though ladies can enter I am note sure they would want to.

We stayed long enough to check out the beach - don't bother. It's in a scary wild west type place and was closed when we got there or was it we decided it was closed can't remember?! Even down here though as we were met by a bunch of guys training, they all gave welcoming waves so there was no real danger which is what I took away from Mexico. It may look bad at times due to poverty but my experience was that all were friendly if you spoke a little to them in Spanish.

Finally, ended the day off with watching the sunset off by taking in the sun setting over the sea. I hope the picture does it justice!

Campeche - definitely good for a day trip.

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