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No guessing where I am.

The ball court. Moved on to using rubber balls by this time.

The sacred well or Cenote. This was more important to the Mayans...

Numbered. My eagle eye only counted 90 there should be 91!

View to show the difference between the restored and not restored.

Ooops! Wasn`t me honest!!

Mayan astronomy - very like todays eh?

I checked out some of the backroads in Piste where we stayed.

And another house.

Piste advertising.

Were met at 11am on the dot by our guide who had come from MERIDA. Pointer for future, if you book a hotel beside CI do not take one of the tours off the website expedia as the bus comes from MERIDA first so you miss out on the benefit of staying 2 mins from CI. Better to go early to avoid the tourist buses and get a local guide. This is not to say the guide was not good as he was but much better if you see the place without a 1000 other people in the Midday sun!

Was a lot smaller than I expected but then Coba does have the highest temple. 42 metres compared to 35 here I do believe plus climbing is forbidden after someone fell off this one in CI at some point in the past. There is still plenty of areas to look at though and they are in good condition. The observatory in particular.

Found out that the name CI comes from the sacred well or Cenote here in the city not anything to do with the temple which everyone recognises. So there you go, you learn something every day!

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