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Mont St. Michel

The streets of Mont St. Michel

Yet another early start! We were supposed to have a free morning but we had a very abrupt itinerary change. So instead of going to Versailles - they are on strike - and the scheduled trip to Mont St. Michel wasn't on Thursday, our brilliant travel agent Craig, fixed it up for us. So today we went to Mont St. Michel. This is about 250km from Paris on the Normandy coast.

The day started out wet but as we travelled to the coast it stopped raining and became quite pleasant.

Mont St. Michel is an incredible place and the long, but very comfortable, bus ride was worth it. We travelled through Normandy, where the Allies in WW2 fought for the liberation of France, even noting the presence of military graveyards - mainly German.

Mont St. Michel was first built in 708AD and was then on an island. Quite a feat to build it as it stands high on a pyramidal rock. It is the home of Benedictine monks.

We walked through narrow medieval streets full of souvenir shops and restaurants to have lunch before visiting the abbey. A tour of the abbey followed, then some free time to buy souvenirs.

Then it was back to Paris.

We are really enjoying France, more so than Italy and about a par with Switzerland.

Tomorrow we get to sleep in and spend some more time in Paris. We'll see if the strike at Versailles is over and if so go there, if not? Je ne sais quoi!

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