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Cluster of bats

Inside Cameron Cave

Nice place to sleep

Our rig in the snow

Creek running through the campground

More of the creek

View from our window

Mark Twain Cave gift shop

Another shot of the Mobile Suites

I realize that the title is a strange one this morning, but let me explain.

Yesterday we awoke to an outside temperature of 13 degrees. It did warm up later in the day to nearly 30 degrees F. Marilyn and I had our morning coffee and then decided to go out for breakfast. We drove to Logues where we knew they have good food, and ate breakfast. It is bad when any restaurant makes the customers walk through the smoking area to get to the non-smoking area. Also, they had a large open doorway seperating the two areas and one rather large lady sat right in the doorway chain smoking. We sat as far away as possible but the smoke was getting to us before we finished our meal. We have the right to choose where we go to eat a meal, so we choose not to return to this restaurant again.

One think that happened there is that we met an old friend, sitting at the table next to ours. It was a guy names Donnie, who used to live near us in Edina, MO. He and his wife, Betsy, are very nice people and it was good to see him again after quite a few years.

Once we finished breakfast we drove to the YMCA to see if we could get a three month membership. There, we ran into another old friend, named Rita, who happened to be the membership director, and she fixed us up in no time at all. Rita had flown with me once in a while when I was the Chief Pilot at Diemaker's, Inc. Anyway, Marilyn and I are now members of the YMCA and intend to work out as often as we choose.

Once we left the YMCA we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few groceries. I bumped into another long time friend, named Beth, and we had a nice visit for awhile. She is a wonderful, sweet, young lady who has been a friend for many years.

Returning to the campground, I walked over to the gift shop to sit with the "Cave Crew" while they ate their lunch. Jeff asked me to join him for a walk through of Cameron cave to see if we could locate clusters of bats and maybe take some pictures. We had a great time going through the cave, seeing hundreds of bats, but only a few clusters. I do have a few pictures to show you.

Later in the day, Marilyn & I sat indoors reading when we noticed that it had begun to snow. We watched the snow fall gently to earth for awhile, as the browns and grays of the outdoors slowly turned to white as the snow blanketed the ground.

I have a few pictures of the campground in the winter for you also.

Marilyn and I watched "American Idol" and went to bed to read our books, before falling off to sleep. While watching some TV we had a phone call from our friend, Gilbert, in Llano Grande. Darn! We miss those good friends. It was really nice to talk with Gilbert and we asked him to say hello to all of our winter Texan friends for us.

Marilyn and I had a good night of sleep. We had a good day yesterday and have some fun things planned for today. No sign of the baby arriving on time. The due date is supposed to be tomorrow. We'll see! As for me, well I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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