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I am still recovering from the shock of successfully uploading a photo ! As we relax here in Hong Kong we are enjoying the view of Victoria Harbor from our hotel window . Last evening we were able to watch as the MV Silver Whisper made it's way past our window while continuing enroute to Singapore . We were sad to see it pass as we had traveled 5348 nautical miles on it since our departure from Sydney . Our consolation was that we shall be rejoining it in the future . Wednesday dawned here with sun through the usual smog haze . The USA is NOT the primary cause of pollution and " global warming " . As we had traveled via subway here previously , we planned to do the same for our trip to Hong Kong Disney . At the last moment we decided to rather take a taxi . That cost $ 200 ! Fortunately that was HK dollars and so the cost was about $30 . Years ago when we traveled via boat to Lantau Is ( site of Disney and the new airport ) it was a small village at a distance from HK . The new urban sprawl is amazing . Superhighways and bridges are breathtaking . They even use EZ tags .Where before there was vacant land there are now miles of super highrise apartments clustered together and towering into the sky . We estimate that they must be 30 to 50 stories in height . HK = traffic ,smog and congestion . Our arrival at Disney was somewhat strange . We arrived just before opening time and we thought it was deserted . That was short lived as soon the busses loaded with guests arrived . It is all very orderly with hosts ushering clients to ticket booths . Pete thought that the $ 30 fee was low . After a short time in the park we realized the reason for that : there is not much there ! Of course we are all accustomed to Disney in Ca and Fla . This park is very small and some attractions just are not operating . There seem to be big plans for Spring 2008 , probably in anticipation of the Olympics . As usual in China , what you see as Western is a facade . The children are adorable and love it all just as children anywhere . Lunch was another " travel adventure " There were many options including dried squid . We opted for a table cloth restaurant and ordered dim sum . The English was limited so we just took what was offered . Some good and some we had no clue as to what it was . However , there was a lot of smiling and thank you . Tomorrow is an off day for us as we repack in preparation for our flight to London which departs shortly after midnight .

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