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We awoke to another cold February day here at Mark Twain Cave Campground. We had our morning coffee while talking about dates to leave here in the fall, and what we wanted to do about certain important dates for the family.

As we sat talking, we saw a small white truck pull up and recognized Susie, who was an important member of the “Cave Crew” last year. She now works in the Deli at Wal-Mart here in Hannibal. She looks great and we had a wonderful visit with her. Just as she arrived, I had a phone call from my long time friend, Dave, in Wichita. We discussed the work and the people at Flight Safety, as well as Dave & Judy’s trip to Tucson and Dave’s doctor appointment for the cancer in his back. Later in the day, I had an e-mail from Dave saying that the news from his visit with the doctor was not good. I humbly ask all of you to include Dave & Judy in your prayers.

I also had an e-mail from Ted who flew with me for over 14 years, suggesting that we get together for breakfast next Thursday, to catch up on the happenings in each others lives.

After Susie left, Marilyn and I got busy around here. Marilyn made a batch of her really good chili soup, while I went outdoors to fill the fresh water tank and check the propane supply, which is just fine.

That leads me to write a little bit about the Mobile Suites 5th wheel. It is quite well insulated and we opted for the double pane windows when we ordered it. We also have an electric heater in addition to the furnace and we keep a small electric heater turned very low, in the basement area, facing the water manifold.

We are presently in single digit temperatures with wind chills to -10 degrees F. The inside of our coach is quite warm and very comfortable, staying at 72 degrees, which is where we like it. In November and December of 2006, when we first purchased our Mobile Suites and were newbies at being full-time RVers, we happened to get caught in an ice storm which dumped an inch and a half of ice on everything including our RV, and then topped that off with 14 inches of snow. We were fine then also, as long as we had propane. One of our adventures at that time happened when I allowed the propane supply to run out and then didn’t have the connection screwed on correctly when I did manage to get a full tank. The fact that we were busy putting on a wedding for Jennifer and Steve at the same time turned that little adventure into a near disaster. :) Thank goodness, my brother-in-law, Steve, kept a cool head and suggested checking the connection again. Voila! Everything is good!

It was after the kids left for Hawaii on their honeymoon that Marilyn and I were able to get the snow and ice off the RV and then a thaw for several days allowed us to head for Texas. We vowed to never again have our RV in this cold and snowy region of the country, in the winter time. Well, the first grandson for us arriving in a few days changed our plans and here we are. We are, however, much wiser now, and at least we feel that we have a pretty good handle on things. At least, we hope so. Of course, we never know in advance what each day might bring, so I don’t like to be too rash in making statements like that. :)

Marilyn and I drove out to the hospital to have lunch with Jen at 3:00 PM. That is when she gets to take a lunch break so we like to sit with her and visit while she eats her lunch.

Marilyn and I watched “Deal or no Deal” last night and finally went to bed around 10 PM. We like to read in bed at night but it didn’t take long before the old eyelids began to slam shut and I found myself reading the same paragraph several times, so I put the book down beside the bed and called it a night.

We slept great last night and now I am awake while Marilyn is still in bed. I can’t read the thermometer because it is still dark outdoors but the forecast temp this morning is for 8 degrees F. Brrrrr….

Well dear readers, it is time for me to put the coffee on and see if that will coax my lovely bride out of bed.

I just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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