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After another rough night at sea we arrived in Hong Kong at 7AM . This is one of the most spectacular ports in the world . We were last here about 13 years ago and we were eager to see how the city had changed since the hand over by the British . In some respects it is the same with large crowds and the hustle and bustle of New York . It remains a shopping and dining paradise . If possible , there are more high rise buildings jammed onto this small area . We are on the land mass of China where the Kowloon part of Hong Kong is located . Hong Kong itself is an island . There is always a huge amount of traffic on the water below us . Previously when we were here we stayed at The Regent , where we are again but now it is an Intercontinental and it has not changed much . Our departure from the ship was a bit sad as we left some good friends but I am sure we will see them again on future voyages . The weather was cool early this morning but it warmed up nicely later in the afternoon . It seemed quite foggy but as it did not burn off we realized that it really is smog. We are familiar with that from earlier trips to China . It is a bit strange not to have the heavy British influence and to see so many well dressed Chinese . China seems to be in the 21st century but that can be a facade as we learned on previous trips . Tomorrow we shall journey to Lantau Island and Disney Hong Kong . On our first trip here we went to Lantau and there was nothing there except a huge Buddah . Since we are in civilization , I attempted to upload some photos but without success .

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