Heather's Singaporean Adventure 2008 travel blog

Amandine and I on the bus

Drive safely sign

Amandine and I on the boat

A shop on the road between Puerto Galera and White Beach

A view of Sabang

The motorized tricycle with our luggage on the roof

Amandine and I in the tricycle

White Beach!

Buildings on the way to White Beach

Buildings on the way to White Beach

Buildings on the way to White Beach

Our room

The pool

White Beach

Another view of White Beach

The masseuse

They didn't know I was coming!! - All you can eat rice…

The keyboard for the computer in our resort

We had a LONG sleep to help catch us up from the missing hours the prior night. We showered and packed up, walked a couple blocks in the direction of the hotel that the bus was departing from and jumped on a jeepney as our estimated timing for walking was a little off. We checked in and boarded the bus with the rest of the white population of Manila lol. The only thing that was a little odd was it was Amandine and I, maybe two couples in their 50’s, then white men (40-60) with Filipino women. A trend I was fascinated by and that was only going to get worse. It was about a 2.5 hour bus ride to Batangus, where we boarded a 1.5 hour boat to Puetro Galarea, where we were met by two Filipino boys/men holding a sign saying Ms. Heather Crow. They took us to their motorized tricycle which was about a 15 – 20 min ride to White Beach. It was very nice, clean, a big room, tv, pool, second floor with the balcony area over looking the pool, free internet and very friendly, accommodating staff. We were off to a great start. We dropped off our bags and walked to the beach – it was literally less than a minute walk to the beach. A beautiful white sand beach with a lot of culture. We were in the local’s holiday area – not a tourist spot and it was fantastic. Restaurants, bars, hotels, and hawker stand’s lined the sand’s edge. As we walked the beach we were hit by the hawker trying to sell us everything and anything, it was becoming challenging to be pleasant when saying no by the end of the walk.

Eventually we made our way to the quite end of the beach where we sat down, chatted, and played a game in the sand. One of the local salesmen named Nasser was fascinated by our game and joined in. We talked with him for about an hour about schooling, politics, weather, family, Steve Nash and more. We also taught him some French. I gave him 2 SGD as a souvenir and in return he gave us two dolphin necklaces. We said goodbye and he continued on his way to do business for the day – he sells pearl earrings and necklaces.

Unfortunately the tropical storm was still affecting the weather so we headed back to the resort for dinner and come movies. Today’s lines from locals consisted of “Happy Valentines Day” and “I love you”.

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