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Yesterday we awoke to fairly warm temperatures of 43 degrees. We watched the thermometer slowly climb to 48 degrees, thinking that this is a good day to get out to church and do some things. Then the thermometer began to fall more rapidly than it climbed. At around 36 degrees it began to rain and the wind began to blow hard. We had two plastic tubs sitting under the front of our rig and they blew away. Marilyn found both tubs but I could find only one of the lids. The DISH antenna wasn't anchored nearly well enough and it blew over. So, the quiet day was over, and the windy, wet, miserable day had begun. Late in the afternoon things calmed down, but it became colder as the front blew through. The furnace cycled on and off all night long last night.

Marilyn and I went for a walk before the weather got really nasty, and then we went into the gift shop to talk with part of the "cave crew". I joined a tour of Mark Twain Cave to see if I could remember everything I am supposed to talk about when giving a tour. I listened as Jeff gave the tour and his presentation was good, reminding me of several things that I had forgotten from last year. I think I could give a tour now if they need me to do that.

Jennifer called and said that Steve and his Dad were going to an auction in Hannibal and they would drop her off for awhile to visit with us. Great!!

It was raining again when they arrived but we had a nice visit sitting inside, all warm and cozy. Jennifer is so ready for that baby to arrive! The due date is this coming Thursday, but there is no sign that the little guy will arrive on that date.

Later in the evening we watched some mindless TV, read our books, and turned in before 10:00 PM, although we did watch the 10 o'clock news to get the weather forecast. It calls for some single digit cold temps and maybe some snow or sleet. Wonderful! :)

We aren't doing much yet. Waiting for the baby and staying warm is about it. Not a very exciting life right now.

Today I may get our taxes done and I need to find the information on our generator for Jack & Marge, who may wish to buy it from us. I also should be working on my book and try to get it ready for the publisher. I have been working on it for years and it is difficult to get my interest back to the level it needs to be in order to finish that project.

Life goes on and we look forward to the rv-dreams rally in Branson and then our summer in the mountains of Colorado.

Well, dear readers, I had better put the coffee on and then I'll enjoy a quiet morning with my spouse. :)

I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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