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We made a port call in Manila yesterday. Manila has a population of some 12 million and seems to be a prosperous city. We drove through much of the downtown, both "old" Manila, and "new" Manila, while being bused from the ocean terminal to the ferry terminal so that we could be taken to Corregidor for a tour. As the Silver Whisper was arriving at the pier, two bands were accompanying two sets of dancers on the pier .... sort of like two MLK parades battling it out on the same street. Different bands were playing when we returned from our tour in the afternoon. Manila must have turned out every band in the city at some time during the day.

The tour to Corregidor was great. We went past the ruins of the various pre-war structures, visited coast artillery emplacements (with artillery pieces still in place), and were treated to a multi-media show inside Malinta Tunnel. There were monuments all over "topside", including monuments to all the US units that fought anywhere in the Philippines, and a separate monument honoring the 503rd PIR, which parachuted onto Corregidor in 1945 to liberate it. It was also interesting to note that, of the about 300 people on this ship, only the Americans went on this tour.

It's monday here and we are in the middle of the South China Sea, about half way between Manila and Hong Kong. We didn't get a lot of sleep last night, because the wind is blowing force 8, about 40 knots, and the Captain says that the waves are about 15 feet. That started at about 9 last night and is expected to continue until we arrive at Hong Kong tomorrow morning. If we time the swells just right, we can throw our clothing in the air and they will land in the suitcase!

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