Vietnam, Laos and Thailand in 2008...with the Olivetts travel blog

There wasn't any internet service in Tha Khaek so I am a bit behind.

I took a bus from Savannakhet to Tha Khaek. It is 3 hours by bus - upriver from Savannakhet. Going into this town was particularly fascinating for me. When I was stationed at Nakon Phanom (Thailand) in 1971 & 72, the view across the Mekong from my bungalow (which was situated right on the riverbank) - was Tha Khaek. Laos was a place that US military was strictly forbidden to enter. The Mekong is nearly a mile wide at this point. When I rode into Thakhaek from the bus station I went directly to the river. It was very interesting for me to see the opposite view of what I had looked at so often for the 15 months I lived in Nakon Phanom. I could even see my old residence.

The following day I rode the bike east, up into the limestone karsts of the Annemite Mountain Range. It is a very beautiful area. Viewing them from Nakon Phanom was always nice, but to actually ride up through them was just incredible. I stopped to visit three caves along the way. At each cave there were self-employed young boys acting as guides. They were all in about the 9 to 13 year age bracket. It is good that they were there as there weren't any signs with directions or explanations. The caves were nice but not really large. I rode in about 25 miles and then caught a truck back to town.

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