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Starting with a cathedral of course.

The Champs Elysees of Valladolid!

Yup they are here too!

View of the convent cloisters.

Ping Pong Al...

The Franciscan monks swimming pool.

Probably the worst toilet in Mexico. Definitely not Villeroy and Bock!

Mcmonkey has finished for the day:))

Can´t believe it, they never gave me a game!!

View of the Fort/church in the evening sun. Boiling still by the...

Plush tourist information. Contains paintings Mexico´s history.

Evening sky.


So which ones are they then?

Just had to jump in and get a closer view!

A bit blurred - just as well maybe!

Look one hand!

Any lady would be proud of these roots:)

Made it to Valladolid hotel very easily I believe. I woke up in time to go there it is! But it wasn't I was pointing at the wrong hotel:))

The hotel is of Colonial style i.e. Spanish, with a courtyard in the centre containing a first class restaurant. The City itself is much smaller than I imagined after reading the guide books. It is certainly Mexican with people that are friendly when you speak to them.

With what was left of the day explored the cathedral ( yes I know another one!),fort/church/convent in which the janitor guy gave a little tour to show us the frescos hidden behind curtains of the church. We toured the convent and gardens for a dollar.

I mentioned the first class restaurant well I can vouch for that after the meal I just had. The guide books were spot on with this one.

One interesting moment was when this couple came in to sit at a table covered in rose petals. Think the girl didn't know where to look! She ordered a coca light and I saw her stirring it and staring around the restaurant. The champagne glasses were not used. Think the boy over did it a bit and was having to work very hard not to be blown out!

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