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Victoria Memorial

Joy and his cousin crossing the Hoogli in the rain

Kolkata still has hand-pulled rikshaws

This is the last posting of our trip. During the last five weeks we have boarded 13 flights using six different airlines and several other modes of transport (boat, tuktuk, scooter, bus, rikshaw & cyclo and of course cars of many different makes and models).

Our last stop was Kolkata (formerly called Calcutta) – the largest city in eastern India. Until 1911 it was the second most important city in the British Empire, right after London. Then the capital of India was moved from Calcutta to New Delhi, where it remained ever since.

Our sightseeing in Kolkata was kept to a minimum; the focus was on re-charging our batteries and visiting Joy’s relatives. We did visit the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata’s most impressive colonial building. Joy’s cousin took us to Dakshineswar, a temple area worshipping the goddess of destruction. It was drizzling when we reached there, but we did not give it much attention. We boarded a small fishing boat to ferry us across the Hoogli (an estuary of the Ganges) for 7 rupees (approx 20 cents). Once on board the slight drizzle turned into a full blown rain. They threw a tarp over us making Tram feel “boatpeople” all over again. We got soaked and reached the other side to visit the Belur Math, a newer temple structure dedicated to Ramakrishna, a 19th century Hindu reformer.

Other than that we enjoyed fine Bengali homecooking from Joy’s relatives. Due to the recent breakout of bird flu in this part of India we did not consume any poultry products. We did not miss it! Bengal is known for their many fish dishes and we had plenty of it.

We left Kolkata on Thursday to spend one last night in Gurgaon (city south of Delhi) in a five star hotel. It’s hard to believe that our 5 week journey has come to an end. It seems like yesterday that we reached Hanoi!

We are taking with us very fond memories of the many places and people we visited. One day we’ll come back!

Thanks for reading our journal updates and leaving the comments. We hope you enjoyed it.


Joy & Tram

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