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Yesterday was another cold day here in Hannibal, MO. We had a few chores to take care of so after our usual morning coffee, we got busy. Marilyn put the beef roast with all of the veggies into the slow cooker and then began sorting laundry.

I helped out by drying the dishes for her and then I helped Marilyn change the linen on the bed. I took a shower and dressed for the day, while Marilyn left to do the laundry.

I had a phone call from the RV dealer telling me that the propane tank I ordered had come in and he was going to fill it and have it ready for me. That was perfect timing because we had one propane tank that was just empty and I needed to have it filled as well.

I disconnected the empty propane tank, loaded it into the truck, and drove out to Beilstein RV, where I picked up the new tank and had the empty one filled. When I returned to the RV I re-installed the now full tank, put the new tank nearby, and we were all set. Marilyn returned with baskets of laundry while I was re-connecting the propane tank, so I helped her carry laundry inside.

I spoke on the phone with our good friend, Steve, who informed me about the fish fry at the K of C Hall in the evening. That sure sounded like a good idea so we made plans to pick up Steve & Cathy at 5:15 PM and to go eat some fried fish.

We had plans also to have lunch with Jennifer during her lunch break at the hospital, so Marilyn took several small containers of the home made chicken soup, another container of the beef roast, and we headed to the hospital, only six miles away.

Marilyn went inside while I parked the truck and, when I walked in, Marilyn and Jennifer were walking into the cafeteria. We gave Jen the usual hugs and kisses before sitting down to enjoy good conversation while Jennifer ate the chicken soup.

We took several pictures of Jennifer to show you, so I will download those once I complete this journal entry.

We left the hospital when Jennifer had to return to work. We stopped at Casey's to pick up a coupon for a free pizza of our choice, which they offered to us because of the pizza with no sauce I mentioned yesterday. :) The manager of this Casey's store is the sister of one of our friends from Edina, MO. Jerry, the friend, had also dated Marilyn in high school, for a short time. It sure is a small world.

Marilyn and I returned to the campground and picked up the van, returned to Casey's to fill it with gasoline, and drove to the home of Steve & Cathy.

After hugs all around, we jumped into our nice warm van and headed for the KC Hall and the fish fry. The fish was really good. In fact I could have eaten a second plate full but I knew that it wasn't needed at all. :)

We returned to the very nice home of Steve & Cathy, stayed to visit for awhile and then returned to our little home on wheels to watch a little TV.

Celine Dion had a TV special with Josh Groban and other entertainers, and it was really good. Once it was over, I went to bed to read more of my book about the mountain men, and fell asleep before 10:00 PM.

We had a good night of sleep and now, here we are, up and at 'em once again.

Yesterday was simply an ordinary day for us here in Hannibal. It certainly isn't the same as being in a RGV resort, with palm trees, cocktail parties, bike rides and trips into Mexico. Here, it is much more like the old life, except that I am not working.

It is cold, everything is brown or gray, and most of our friends are still employed. It is a different kind of life for sure. One thing to remember though, and that is that the changes in our lives are inevitable and they are what makes the good times so enjoyable.

We will enjoy being here in Hannibal once the baby arrives, the weather gets nice and we can be outdoors.

We have to remember that "Life is Good" and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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