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Carribean sea on the left, inland lagoon on the right.

Our boats for the day in the lagoon.

Upward growing roots of mangroves.

Exploring the mangroves with Ochi our Mayan guide.

Captain! He drove like he had seen too much Miami Vice. Muchos...

The Mayan temple is now home to bats.

BTT enjoying the action filled boat ride.

Shady characters...

Upturned palm tree after a previous hurricane.

Restoring the foundation of this cabana following hurricane damage. Not alot of...

Big Sis joining her brother in the posing competition. Bio sphere centre...

Seafront just holding together and no more after a visit from a...

All this sun lounging you know, it´s tough, sometimes you have to...

Roof repairs,Tulum style.

The party bus!

View from our hotel balcony.

Huge traffic calming measures. The potholes were enough!

Big Sis and I headed on a tour of the Biosphere area with guide, Ochi. The area has been preserved by the Mexican government as a place of natural beauty. That it certainly is. They are also trying to maintain the area free of outside toxins brought in by humans so the application of sun block is not allowed - didn´t say that to us when we booked so we of course had lashed it on before leaving the hotel! Doubt our slender figures will have brought much in the way of harm to the eco area:))

Had a great day exploring the mangroves on boats then stopping off to see a very secluded Mayan Temple. These things are everywhere on this peninsula but you wouldn´t have known about this one without going on this tour.

After this, we all received a life-jacket and floated down through the mangroves taken by the current. The crocs were sleeping thank goodness!

Met some people from Alaska whilst floating downstream. They had of course heard all about Anglo American and a certain project up there. I asked for them to be kind to Anglo as I may need a job with them some day:)

The day finished with a swim in a Cenote which is a pool of water produced by underground rivers. The Mayans believe they are the way to the underworld.

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