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Hello All from BEAUTIFUL San Cristobal De Las Casas!

Wow..is it ever nice NOT TO SWEAT!!! Up in the mountains in a beautiful Mayan city after an interesting trip in the bus from Palenque. People and even the Lonely Planet were saying not to travel at night as tourist buses have been stopped and held up by the Zapatistas here (a group of FREEDOM FIGHTERS that are apparently trying to protect the indigenous people from being moved from their land...by GUESS WHO??? You got it..the OILIGARCY..the rich who would have the land mined for GUESS WHAT?? OIL!! More on this when I come home...BUT...it was and intersting 5 hour trip I had dozing in and out..thinking/dreaming about the POSSIBILITY of being held up and saying VIVA LA LIBERATION!!! VIVA MARCOS!!! and having them take all my stuff!!(or shall I say donating it to the CAUSE!!) lolo I even had a fantasy of being whisked off to the hills by a masked man..and becoming sorta lika Patty Hurst Mikey!!

Have been running into a German woman....UNCANNY...met her at the Lake Bakalar..and although we have been staying in seperate places.we just keep (litterally) running into each other! She met a really cool Dr. from Spain who is dontating his time here to do work on some of the Mayan children with cleft palates etc. We all went for dinner/drinks last night to celebrate Valentines day..and met an old Mexican Hippy guy who played in the band. It was a great night! I also met a really interesting guy yesterday named Dr. Al Jordi who has a radio station here. I would have to say his is QUITE LEFT for centre and and major energy worker..spoon bending etc..(wait till you see the video!) and BIG ENERGY Stuff! I am Blown away! He has invited me to come with him and his wife to a little indigenous village tomorrow called Huixtan. I MAY even be able to take part in a Mayan Sweat Lodge there!! Turns out the the people of this town have unearthed a stairway into a tunnel and they are scared to go in there and check it out..so he has said that he will do so an help them to determine what the tunnel is. I heard of the same sort of thing when I was in Peru at one of the islands where they found a stairway to a tunnel that led to another dimension!!!! They could see gold plates and cups and when they went to remove them...they disappeared!! AMAZING things going on in these parts! Lots of traditional herbal remedies..(apparently I could use a liver clense!!) I guess red wine/chocolate is NOT a liver clense?? Yes????lolol

Tonight I am going to a play called Palenque Rojo (red) should be very interesting!

http://www.palenquerojo.com/ check it out!

Sooo...that´s all for now! Will have an update maybe tomorrow night after my EXPERIENCE at Huixtan!!!

The market here is AMAZING!! Actually..it is Overwhelming! Got some good music today by a band called Mana´

Ps..am staying in a lovely place called Casa Carmalita for $15 US a night!! Flannel sheets and hot water and all!! (It gets really cool here at night!)

Love and BIG Besos FROM Chiappas!!

Evalina xoxox

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