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We had a quick breakfast before meeting our dive instructor to go over our homework. After that we wrote a few quizzes to make sure we knew what we were doing well enough to go in the water. We just walked out straight from the beach and did some skills there, where Robert and I had snorkelled yesterday. It was all practicing our skills and we did alright. I think we spent about an hour there but we were so shallow that we weren't under water the entire time. Sometimes we came up for a chat.

After the confined dive, we went back and watched more videos. At least these two weren't as long as yesterday, but they were still pretty lame. We went out for a drink with our instructor after our rough day of learning. It was about 3:00pm. We had a few beers, then ate at a restaurant he recommended. They cook kabobs out on the beach and they are delicious. Our instructor called up a friend and invited him to join us too. His friend was hilarious and has some great stories. We had more beers and some water and moved over to a hut on the beach that is actually a bar by night. We met a lot of people there, mostly guys from the dive shop. We even met the owner of the shop who bought us a round. The place was pretty packed and everyone was having a good time. Eventually Cindy and Robert left us but I wasn't ready to leave so I moved on to a nearby lounge with teacher. His friend owns the place and they were super nice. They made me the best drink I have ever had. I have no idea what it was but it was delicious and fruity and not slushy, and served in a martini glass. Mmmmm. They have a large shisha on each table so I tried a little of that too. I was told I was smoking wine, whatever it was was definitely fruity.

After chillaxing, drinking, and smoking for awhile we realized that we had to dive the next day and it was late so it was time to call it a night. As we were going our separate ways he asked why I wasn't walking back on the beach, because it would be faster to get to my hotel. I was very confused by this as my hotel was up the street in the opposite direction of the beach. Now it was suddenly clear why he thought we were staying in one of the nicest places on the island and we knew we had found a dying cockroach just this morning in the hallway and it was kind of a dive. All this time he had been telling us its the nicest place and we were kind of scared by the thought that the island didn't have anything better than our hotel to offer, when he had been talking about a bunch of beach bungalows and we had been talking about an old hotel.

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