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Ambasthale Dagoba, where the king of Sri Lanka was converted to buddism...

A view of Mahaseya Dagoba and its surroundings.

A view of the plains from Aradhana Gala at Mihintale.

A short 20 minute bus ride from Anuradhapura is the small town of Mihintale, which is famous for where King Devanampiya Tissa met a Indian guy called Mahinda whilst deer hunting and agreed to be converted to Buddism, thus ensuring that Buddism became the most popular religion in the country.

Mihintale being a buddist sight means that there's going to be another walk up a steep hill, and in this case their's a shrine where the king was converted and a dagoba (basically a huge buddist shrine) to visit, both at the top of a flight of 2000 steps.

The views from the top make the trip worthwhile, and at the ticket booth a very friendly Sri Lankan tells me that at this stage of the late afternoon I'm the 5th foreign visitor of the day, underlining my observations about the lack of sightseers.

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