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Check in: 8.30am Air New Zealand check in counter, Sydney International Airport

Depart: 11.30am Air New Zealand flight NZ704

Arrive: 4.30pm Auckland

Coach will take us to City Central Hotel where we will stay for 2 nights on a bed and continental breakfast basis.

We have all arrived in Auckland safe and sound.

It was great have so many people at the airport to see us off. We hope all the Mums have recovered!!

The boys had no trouble getting through customs. Can't say the same for the adults! Louise nearly had her camera confiscated as she was taking photos in resticted areas. Then they went through her cabin lugggage with a fine tooth comb claiming she had hand cream. They didn't believe that you don't take hand cream on rugby tours!

The boys had another look around duty free and filled up on more food before waiting patiently for our flight to be called.

Then the announcement: "Can passenger Mr William Dean on Flight NZ704 report to the Transition Counter'" What did Will do? He thought it was a joke! Geoff and Will went to find out what was wrong while everyone else speculated. When they came back it was only that they wanted to change his seat. Geoff offered to go into First Class but that didn't happen. All was good!

We had a great flight though perhaps Max had too many Skittles!!!

When we landed in Auckland it was cloudy and drizzly! We thought they were in a drought!!

Once again we got through customs no problems but we attracted plenty of attention in our red jackets. People were very willing to talk rugby with us.

We met our bus driver Rendell! Imagine a NZ Maori who probably played Prop for the All Blacks in the 70s! Thats him!......I don't think we will have any trouble on the bus!!

We made our way into Auckland and found our hotel in the middle of the city- very clean, comfortable and friendly.

Dinner was next on the schedule as we headed around the corner for Chinese. In the process we ran into some Pilleys from Windeyer that Lewis knew. They are going to come and watch us play tomorrow.

After dinner we went for icecreams at McDonalds. Lewis couldn't understand why you couldn't order a McOz in New Zealand!!!

We are off to bed now to get ready for our first game tomorrow!

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