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Definitely not roadkill. In comparison the cars and even our truck looked...

Hippos are said to be dangerous but as we cruised by they...

Al heard hippos early this morning beside our boat. Sam and Silence served breakfast so our tour cook, Shadwell had a relaxing morning. Good thing because it was his birthday. We sang to him in English, and a couple of other languages and had 5 candles to blow out.

The speedboat brought us back to the Sepopa Swamp Lodge. It took about one hour. From here we loaded the truck and told Dudu how bad our first night was. He phoned Nomad with our concerns, as he had no idea why this happened either. We will see what becomes of it.

On the road again . . . heading north to the Namibia border. We check out of Botswana and into Namibia at Mahango border crossing. This small strip of land separates Botswana from Zambia. It's called the Caprivi Strip.

Our accommodation tonight is the Hippo Lodge just outside of Katima. The place looks drenched. As we neared the lodge we headed into steady rain and evidence that it had been raining for some time. The reed-thatched roof on each cabin didn't look good. The rooms were moldy and musty. Most of the cabins had carpet tiles on the floor so you can imagine how wet carpet can smell when it's wet. The entire place was wet and flooded but . . . . we had to find the best of the worst, set up our mosquito net and hope for the best.

Hippo Lodge has potential to be a very nice place. The surroundings are beautiful - right on the river where hippos hang out. Lack of regular maintenance and two weeks of rain has hurt this place big time.

Dinner was served over looking the river and to our surprise there were very few mosquitoes. We really didn't want to spend time in our musty room so we sat outside under a roof with a few drinks into the evening. Once I got to our room I kept my mouth and nose covered with a sheet during the night. Everything felt damp - YUK!

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