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Mokoro's are the primary means of transport on the Okavango Delta, home...

Polers with amazing balance really know their way round. Rhino's, here we...

Cute little houseboat with great captain and assistant named "Silence". Very comfortable.

Evening cruise in the houseboat to see beautiful sunset.

New Years Eve saw us in a tent camp on our accomodated...

The 5 am alarm wakes us. It's still dark. I really was tempted to sleep more and forget the mokoro activity planned for this morning. At 5:30 I found myself sitting in the mokoro in front of Al while the sky begins to lighten. We witness sunrise in the Okavango Delta! Very pretty! Our poler told us last night that we would be on the mokoros for one hour followed by a short walk before we return to camp for a 10am for breakfast. This morning he informs us of a change. We were in the mokoro for a total of 15 minutes at the most just to get us to an island before we began our 'walk'. I figured the walk was scheduled before the mokoro ride. Turns out we didn't go for a walk - it was a HIKE! Seven miles later after trudging through wet reeds, grasses, marshland, elephant and hippo pooh we get back the mokoro. Finally! I was looking forward to the peaceful ride in the mokoro through the grasses in the Okavango Delta just like the pictures in our book. Well that ride was short lived - only 15 minutes and we were back at camp. You've got to be kidding, right? Again our group was very unhappy, actually quite ticked!

Breakfast was eaten in silence and Shadwell, one of our guides that came with us voiced our disappointment to the polers and because our pick up was delayed they agreed to take us out in the mokoro for our more hour. This made us happier. After all, the tourists come to this area for the mokoro ride through the Delta, not a 7-mile hike!

We were anxious to leave this campsite and move on to where we were supposed to stay last night - a boathouse on the Kavango River. At last after a mokoro ride to the truck and a speedboat up river we eventually arrive at the houseboat. We are assigned our rooms, which are small but quaint. Al and I have twin beds and mosquito nets. Our window faces the river. Showers are shared so we took turns since we were all quite filthy from our hike. Of course we did not have shower facilities the night before at the camp. Our shoes are still smelly and wet from the mud hike. Our hiking clothes need a wash as well so laundry in the small bathroom sink became our next priority. The clothes were 'cleaner' but not really clean. Hanging them to dry on the boat worked well. They were dry in a few hours.

Soon the houseboat cruised slowly on the Kavango River for a few hours. This was very pleasant. Sun was out, the deck chairs were comfy, and it was very peaceful watching for birds, crocs and other wildlife. Lots of crocs and birds. Yesterday and this morning's events were quickly forgotten as contentment overcame the group this afternoon.

Dinner was served once the boat docked in its new location along the river. Wow, what a treat. Sam and Silence the hosts of the boat cooked us a wonderful dinner - even dessert! It was some kind of baked apple and hot custard. Very tasty! We went to bed early on New Year's Day, as we were very tired from the early morning HIKE!

Our mosquito nets were a necessary precaution tonight. I could see and hear them outside my net during the night.

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