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You don´t get this in a Formula One!

Posing for the camera.

Another poser.

And another one:)

Botty´s office:)

Maybe sports photography awaits me:)

One for the Stewart scrapbook!

Gringo Dave the entertainer.

Hard to believe but we have been hit by storms since we arrived. Karen has been soaked twice and I am on to my third t-shirt today. The wind has been so bad some of the shops selling all the cack of the day have found their goods splattered all over the road. HEHE!

Ended up going to see dolphins in action at a hotel resort a little down the coast. It was where K had been six years previous and there had been so much building work since then it was difficult to find the hotel she had stayed in then.

After we had had our fill of the Dolphin shows we headed to gringo Dave's for lunch. Gringo Dave seemed to have had a few as he was banging into tables etc. Luckily we had Juan serving us as he was a bit of an entertainer. See photos.

As it began to rain once again we headed to check out the shopping mall. I know, this wasn´t how it was meant to be! After giving the mall the once over we headed back to Playa Del Carmen to take in the sights and sounds of 5Th Avenue and there are some sites I tell you!! Must admit to being almost embarrassed to be in such a tourist trap surrounded by shops all selling the same "highest quality signor" shops. The storm soon put pay to our explorations and we ended up in a bar to shelter that wasn´t even open but of course we managed to sneak one out of them. Got a lesson on a Mexican hard liquor that was stronger than tequila!

Looks like we are in for storms for the next couple of days so we could be getting our shell suits on and heading up the mall!

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