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I tried to avoid taking a photo of another cathedral but it´s...

No bad line up...

Prime example of a Taxco street.

And no I didn´t go in.

Tell me how they did this then!?

Viw of Taxco from the hills above.


How the other half live.

View from the veranda of the Monte Carlo hotel.

I know, some of you out there are thinking, I couldn´t even...

It´s Christmas.....Still!

Serious photo - Stations of the cross.

Say what you see...

Spent the night in Hotel Mi Casita. Very central and rather traditional in style. Lonely Planet did me proud again even although language was a problem but not an insurmountable one. A bit of French, Spanish and arm waving goes a long way sometimes:)

Had a discussion with an American silver designer before heading out to wander the streets. Came across the food market which had some interesting stalls cutting up goodness knows what. Decided not to indulge, especially when I saw a cage full of live little chicks and some other full grown chickens!

I took a local taxi to the cable car which was rather eventful. VW Beetle with no passenger seat or seat belts firing around blind corners and up hills. Aye, you can´t beat it especially whilst receiving ADDS texts;))

The cable car trip was well worth it. The best view of the town by far was from the Hotel Monte Carlo at the other end of the cable car ride. Very friendly staff let me wander through the hotel swimming pool area and eventually to the terrace bar for some morning tea:) Definitely where the other half live. Top notch.

Once I got down I decided to hit the local supermercado and get some lunch. The cashier thought it was rather funny when I turned up with 2 bananas and 2 rolls, think she was saying you "silly gringo there are bags over there for these". What the heck, a wee shrug of the shoulders, some pesos and there I was beside the road making up my sarnies.

To get to Mexico City I got on the First Class coach which was excellent. Got the metro at the other end once I had worked out where the heck I was, as the driver had given me bum info on the terminal we were at. Hung out with the locals as they made their ways home avoiding buying DVD players, CDs, sweeties and giving money to an ancient looking magician. It´s along way from my company car BMW days.....

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