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Lake at Bakalar

Cenote Azul



Left lake Bakalar yesterday morning after a GREAT PARTY at Casa Carolina!! Lots of awesome music and great people that all gave me some super info on what to see/where to stay in Palenque. I met a German lady in Chetumal named Christine and we hung out and took the night bus together to Palenque last night. Had a bit of a mishap..I dropped my camera on the tile floor at the Mayan Museum in Chetumal....MEURTE...scrambled around to find a new one. I am making up that my insurance will pay for the new one..YES! The most important part of the trip to have pics is before me yet. Palenque and San Cristobal!

I had a beer and a shrimp salad yesterday at a place in Chetumal while I figured out what to do about my camera...NADA is open on Sunday in Mexico. They brought be a plate of shrimp cerviche that just BLEW MY MIND for $8. I would have taken a pic of it..but my camera was brokend!!lololol

Anyhow..I asked some young guys at the Military what would be open on a Sunday where I could get a new camera....and they said PLAZA DES AMERICAS!!! TAXI!! Off I went to a HUGE MALL..just filled with people and tons of stores. I managed to get a new Cannon (and even got a free IPOD 1GIG with it!!lolol

The overnight bus ride was VERY AIRCONDITIONED..I think it is to keep the driver awake!lolol. And also very bumpy..but managed to get about 4 hours sleep..(We can sleep when we┬┤re DEAD right!!lolol) Have a loveley little cabin in the jungle here and have just done laundry and got cleaned up. Looking forward to great meal and mucho musica tonight at the restaruant here! Off to the Ruinas..

Stay tuned for more new! Love and hugs frome the jungle!! Evalilna

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