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The Historic Brick Temples at My Son

A Champa Legend!!!


Having spent almost a week in Hoi-an now, we were beginning to find ourselves walking around in circles and so we decided to book ourselves on a day trip, for something a bit different and not the same, same! As we are due to fly to Siem Reap on Weds and visit Angkor Wat for a couple of days we thought visiting the hindu temples of ‘My Son’ would be a nice taster for what is to come. That and the fact that it was pretty much all we could book, as a lot of trips are still restricted with the ‘Tet’ New Year celebrations and most shops, banks and services still being closed.

When booking the trip our advisor failed to mention that the cost of our day trip (including lunch), didn’t include the entrance fee we were further charged when entering the temple site, hmmmmmmm Ian was well impressed….not!!!

My Son was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999 (oh yes, yet another one, we are fast becoming the King & Queen UNESCO!!!), and is one of Vietnams most ancient monument sites. There are over 70 monuments carved out from the 4th to the 13th Century, where the Champa people were raised to be the masters of art in building brick. The bricks were smoothed and laid closely and securely without mortar and are still remain abundantly visible today but cloaked in green shoots and samplings.

It was amazing how open the site is to tourists with little or no restrictions on were you can walk and climb in some instances. Not surprising then in our guidebook it notes that “the jungle under which My Son remained hidden to the outside world provided it with its best protection, for more has been destroyed in the past 40 years than the previous 400!!

We easily covered the site in the one hour time allocation and took silly photos (of Ian) before the next coach load of tourists trooped through. Next stop was lunch and we passed on the fried rice with peas, whilst being sandwiched on the smallest boat ever, which was filled with 30ppl.

The boat trip took us to surprise, surprise a village where the only 2 shops open were souvenir shops! The group didn’t really entertain more of the same of what they have probably already purchased in Hoi-an (like ourselves). So it was back on the boat and back in Hoi-an for 2pm (and not 4pm as our travel advisor informed us) where we grabbed a nice sandwich at the popular Cargo bar – very nice!

That evening we (thankfully) didn’t watch the Manchester Derby game and spent the evening in the good company of Nick and Andrea – two Australian newlyweds who we met on our day trip.

Next stop Siem Reap, for some serious temples and hopefully our first glimpse of the ‘currant bun’ for some time!!!

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