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Caught a plane to Cancun to meet up with ma Big Sis which I did eventually once I found out I had come into a different terminal to her! We waited behind a bunch of dumb people (guess where they were from?!) for about an hour getting our car so it was dark by the time I chauffeured Karen down to Playa del Carmen. Was easy enough after we sussed we had been given dodgy directions by one of the guys at Budget. It`s the FOURTH set of traffic lights ya bass!! We kind of knew we had come down the wrong way as the place we were in did´t have street names or tarmac on the roads come to that - well we hoped we had come down the wrong way anyway! Eventually we sorted it out and found the hotel which is a block away from the main street of entertainment or tourist central (hellish for a traveller like myself but I shall cope I guess!). The beach is another block further and the hotel has it`s own special bit so all plans are sorted for the next couple of days before we head out on our tour of the Yucatan peninsula. There is a storm tonight so hopefully that will clear up the weather for tomorrow´s beach excursion. K is even threatening to bear her legs!!

Buenes noches

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