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Gathering early in the morning

Here comes Irene & Louise in their jammies

And then there were eight

We are ready to head north

Goodbye dear friends

Another fiver heading north

Parked at Crestview Campground

Looking things over

Yesterday we left the valley for this winter, with high hopes of returning next winter, to stay four months.

Marilyn & I awoke early, having slept with our windows open for the last time in a while. We had our morning coffee and then began getting ready to leave. By 7:15 AM, we were hooked up and ready to go. Then came the most difficult part, saying goodbye to our friends. Heinz, Gilbert, Ted & Sue, and Carl arrived early and watched as we completed our checklist. Linda walked over as we were ready to leave, and then Irene and Louise arrived on their bicycles.

There were many hugs, a few tears, and heartfelt goodbyes, before we finally boarded our trusty steed and pulled out into the street.

And then there were eight! Our gang of five couples was now only four.

We waved goodbye to Richard as we passed the dog walking area, and pulled onto the highway, heading north.

Just north of Edinburg, Texas, we began to see very low clouds and some mist on our windshield. This continued for an hour or so before the skies once again opened up and allowed the bright sunshine to appear. The clouds and mist reflected our mood, as did the bright sunshine later in the morning. Our mood brightened as we talked about our special friends and the wonderful memories we have of the past four months.

We made good time, stopping for food and fuel at Three Rivers, Texas, and then continued on through San Antonio and north on I-35.

The traffic was heavy in San Antonio and all the way north to Buda, where we pulled in to Crestview Campground, next to the Cabela's store, Chili's and Cracker Barrel restaurants. This is a nice place to stay overnight, the staff was friendly and they have free wi-fi. :)

By 2:00 PM we were set up and had time to relax before taking a walk to Cracker Barrel for dinner, and then we spent some time walking around Cabela's looking at the fun stuff for camping, fishing, etc.

Once back at the RV, the fatigue set in on me and I could hardly hold my eyes open. In fact I was in bed shortly after 8:00 PM.

We slept well. We kept the windows closed but did not require the heat to be on. I suspect that from now on, we will be needing some heat at night. :)

Well, dear readers, that was our day yesterday. Today we plan to drive to the KOA at Colbert, OK. We look forward to sunshine again today.

We have wonderful memories to warm our hearts until we return to that little piece of paradise in the RGV.

To all of our friends who are still in the valley, we do miss you. We are blessed to have many wonderful friends and relatives waiting for us back in Missouri, and we are heading that way, with more warm memories to create. Life is Good!

We'll soon be on our way, and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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