The Shacks' World Tour 2007/2008 travel blog

On the way through the Himalaya to Nepal

View of Himalaya through prayer wheel

Getting stuck in the ice...Thankfully NOT our truck!

Tibetan villagers coming to help

Moving house the Tibetan way

Moving house the Tibetan way

Child from the Tibetan village

Child from the Tibetan village...Yep, that is yak-dung in the basket!

Tibetan village

More children from the village

Still trying to get the truck out of the ice

Back on the narrow road to the border

Another village to cross and more ice to get through...almost at the...

Enjoying the views

Finally at the border town of Zhangmu

Leaving China

About to enter Nepal

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Small Tibetan village on way to Nepalese border

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Narrow road to Nepalese border

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Final stretch of road to Nepalese border

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Almost at the Nepalese border

We woke up with visions of Everest still in our heads, and headed off down the highway to Zhangmu and the Chinese/Nepal border.

Up until this point of the trip the highway had been excellent as it had been recently paved and was smooth and wide...except for the bit to Everest Base Camp which was still gravel, but is slated to be paved soon. What a shame that will be. Anyways, we were now heading into a stretch that was windy, bumpy, narrow and in many places had steep drop-offs down the side of the road to the distant, valley bottom below.

Our final day of the trip was going well, with many stops to take in the breath-taking scenery along the way. However, our trip was soon interupted when one of the vehicles in our convoy (remember the group that got turned around at Everest Base Camp) got stuck on an icy bridge near a small Tibetan village. We stopped out of kindness, even though they weren't part of our group, to lend a hand. Well...most of us took the opportunity to look around the Tibetan village and take pictures while the two drivers from our group helped out, but you get the picture anyways. Soon thereafter, the people from the village noticed the situation on the bridge and came to help. At one point it seemed as though the entire village was there. It was entertaining to watch as there was no visible leader and everyone was trying to do their own thing. Quite amusing. We managed to get some amazing pictures though!!

After about an hour our two drivers decided that it was time to leave, so we left the other vehicle, which by the way was still stuck, on the bridge and left. We met up with the other group later on in a small village near the border and heard that after they became unstuck, the villagers were grabbing at them and trying to take their bags as they wanted money for their help. Good thing we left before things got crazy. We had lunch at the small town while we waited for the road to be cleared of ice and snow. This took about an hour and then we were finally on the home stretch to the border.

Upon arriving at the border, we quickly grabbed our bags and made a dash to the customs office to try and get into Nepal before the border closed...but we were late by about one minute...and they refused to help us out.

We ended up staying the night in Zhangmu and got up early the next day to start our journey across the border to Nepal and onwards to Kathmandu.

Talk soon from Nepal.

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