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Well...as I wake up on day two of my journey here..It is HOT...REEELY HOT..HUMID too. Met some really cool Mericans that are travelling to Belize and hung with them this am. I am off to get my feet done. 17US for a pedicure..(Im glad I didn{t get one at home!!lolol

Never set foot in Walmart yet (In Nanaimo)but ventured in HERE last night to pick up a few things for breakies and travelling on the bus today. There is a SUPERSTORE right across the street from the Hostel!!lolol I buy a few things and a bottle of red wine after I meet Kate{s sister for a bite and yak. I am planning a large glass of VINO TINTO with the throngs at the hostel before bed..as I reach the cash register at 11:01...they inform me..NADA LIQUORES AFTER 11:00!! Sooo...no vino!..Well..I guess I am supposed to just go to bed (which I do..I was REEEELY TIRED) Soo I am packed up to head south. Tried to call my friend in Punta Allen..and they are saying the number is out of order. Local phones here are really expensive and not very reliable to work. It cost me $6US to call Anne (I could have taken a taxi to her place for $5!!lolol) Anyhewwwww...I will head south..probably to a place called Xclak...(don{t ask me how to pronounce that one!! It seems the coast here is quickly being developed and off the beaten path type places are getting harder and harder to find. I may even keep going to Chetumal and the blue lake surround that area..we will see what my Intuition tells me at the bus depot!

It is pretty cool to just have that to consider!

Much love and hugs from the road!


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