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Over-the-shoulder shot: biking to Tombstone

The stage driver takes a break with a burger-to-go

Dave & Marilyn try to get into "Paper Trails" in the Denver...

Pedaling back to our RV park

We awoke to a beautiful blue sky and finally some warmer weather. We packed up the tandem bicycle and put on some reasonably warm biking gear and headed about 13 miles to Tombstone. The ride is through the Chihuahuan desert made up mostly of creosote, some mesquite and a few ocotillo and yucca. We got a good workout because it’s rolling hills and a net uphill between the RV park and Tombstone.

Tombstone is still living in the past capitalizing on their history dating back to the 1880’s. This was the home of the infamous Clanton gang. The Earps (including Wyatt) and the Clantons shot it out in the Gunfight at the OK Corral in town. While the Clantons lived continually on the edge (or over the edge) of legality, the Earps were not always totally innocent in the factors leading up to this famous gunfight. The Clantons were known for having a big-time cattle rustling operation. Apparently the whole area was fraught with serious problems related to the cattle industry, with political overtones that carried over from the Civil War, and little regard for the law. 1880-1883 were the biggest years of contentiousness between the various cattlemen and the law. Both the Clanton and Earp families left shortly after the mid-1880's leaving a legacy that lives on. John Slaughter came in as sheriff in the area and "cleaned it up."

We ate lunch right on the main historic street at the Longhorn and then headed back toward our RV park afterward. The scenery for the ride both ways was a stark kind of beauty under the usual very-blue skies.

In the evening we traveled to Benson for dinner at the trailer of fellow Trail Manor owners Dick and Jeri Hamel. We visited, including comparing trailer modifications until 8:30.

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