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Arrival in Honiara , Guadalcanal

Hello from somewhere in the Solomon Sea ...... New Britain Island may be seen at a distance to the north and New Guinea is over the horizon to the south . The Captain tells us that the depth of the ocean here is 19,000 feet . Today the seas are calm and the sky is clear.

The day before yesterday at about 1 PM we arrived at Honiara which is the capitol of the Solomon Islands . As you can see , it is undeveloped with a per capita income of about $ 500 . The skin color of the Melanesians is dark . However , they do not have Negroid features and some have blond colored hair . The people speak English ( as well as various other native languages ) and schooling is compulsory . We were forewarned to leave expensive jewelry etc on board , but the people were very friendly . As we drove along , most stopped to wave as the arrival of such a beautiful ship is quite an event here . We did see some very primitive people when we were in the jungle areas .Pete and I were most interested in the battlefields here and he will write more in that regard . After a visit of a few hours we were hurried back to our ship as we were to sail at 6 PM . As we were hot and sweaty , we relaxed with our cocktails on our veranda. Our departure was made more special by the arrival of a pod of dolphin swimming along side our ship . Tomorrow we shall be arriving in Madang , Papua NG . We expect it to be another delightful day .

Our short tour of Guadalcanal took us to the former Henderson Field (now Henderson International Airport). About all that remains from 1942 is the ruin of the control tower from Fighter Strip 1 (Fighter 2 is now a golf course). We were scheduled to go to Bloody Ridge, but there was a hurricane here last week which has left the road to there impassable. As we sailed away from this historic place, we sailed past Savo Island, through Iron Bottom Sound.

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