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Well, I made it out of San Juan finally, and thank god I did. I have had the most amazing time it was simply perfect.

Photos will follow but I have to convert them on my laptop which is in San Juan.

So I headed out on the bus to Baguio, it's supposed to be this really cultural laid back amazing place with arty cafes etc. No. It's a dump with one zillion people living there. I stayed one night in a dive which was so noisy and the water came out brown but who cares. Whilst having my dusk time San Miguel light I was eaves dropping on the next table. Again a load of old bitter expats moaning on, but there was a young girl which you just don't see. Her name was Ashley and she was also travelling alone. She was Canadian but living in Korea teaching English. I heard her enquiring about the mummies in Kabayan which was where I was heading so I invited myself to the table (she was quite eager to leave the expats she just met) so we went for some dinner and decided to head off together up to Kabayan.

In the morning we took the 6-7 hour bus up there. Kabayan is stunning, it's quint and very cute. We arrived at tea time so we had a couple of beers with the local he/she, then got our heads down.

6am alarm goes off and off we head for our adventure to the mummies and what an adventure that was. But you'll have to wait for the story cos I got to go now and get a bus so you'll have to wait till tomorrow I've got about 12 hours of travelling to do right now.

Till tomorrow.....

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