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I am happy to say that after spending all day yesterday on the beach I have a great tan now, and you can´t even see most of the bug bites. The weather was great yesterday and today. Being that we got here in a storm, we were all very happy not to have any rain while we´ve been here. I spent today at an eco-park called Xel-Ha with one of my tripmates. Xel-Ha is kind of like a natural waterpark. We were really just expecting a relaxing day on the inlet, but this turned out to be one of the best days of the trip. The park was huge and there was so much to do that we didn´t expect. Basically the park is a big lagoon off the ocean. So, part of it is salt water and part is fresh water. There is also a river that runs into the lagoon. We booked the all-inclusive ticket which included all the food and drinks we wanted. By the time we got there it was about 11:30 and we hadn´t eaten breakfast, so we really wanted to eat. We went to a huge Mexican buffet restaurant, and the food was unbelievable. Some of the best on the trip. There were probably about 10 different entrees, and of course we had to try most of them, so we left pretty full. Then we decided to go snorkeling in the lagoon for a little while. The great thing about the park is that they don´t charge you for all the little things they know you will need like towels and lockers. Everything is included which makes it very hassle free. They also have a dolphin enclosure at the park, and we had booked to swim with the dolphins. So, after snorkeling for a bit we headed over to the dolphin area and watched a video about the research they were doing with them and how to act around them in the water. Next we spent an hour playing with them in the water and doing tricks with them. It was really unbelievable. They are extremely strong, and their skin is not like you would expect. It is very velvety. During one of the tricks when a dolphin was spinning around in front of us, I got hit in my foot with his tail. It really hurt. It felt like getting hit with a board. We also got to do the push where two dolphins come up behind you and push you through the water with their noses. It was very fun and you can really feel how strong they are. I have some great pictures that I will put up when I get back. By the time we got done with the dolphins, it was already about 3:30 and we hadn´t even been out of the front side of the park so we decided to take a walk around. We followed paths through the jungle out to the ocean and to some different cenotes and finally got to the start of the river where we jumped into some intertubes to float down. This was not a lazy river like I expected. It is a real mangrove area so as we were floating we had to manuever our way under tree branches and around vines. We stopped at a few spots to do some fun activities like jumping from the cliff of courage and walking across a tightrope thing over the water. By the time we got to the end of the river the park was starting to close up, so we grabbed an ice cream and headed out to catch a ride home. There was so much more at the park that we didn´t even get to do our see like kayaking and biking down the trails, that if I ever come back to this area it is definitely a place I would go again. By the time we got back to the hotel, everyone was getting ready to go to dinner, but after our huge lunch we still weren´t hungry, so we took a shower and did some shopping before meeting back up with the group to go out for the night. This was officially the last night of our trip with most people leaving the next day so everyone went out to celebrate. Playa is a very touristy town, so the beach is lined with American style clubs. We started at one called the Blue Parrot where there was a fire show and then ended up moving next store. We spent the whole night dancing. By 3:30 I was exhausted so I came back to the hotel. It was one of the most fun nights I´ve had on the trip, and combined with the great day one of the best days in all.

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