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We spent the whole day traveling. Since the storm was coming in we wanted to get off the island early. We took a water taxi back to Belize City where thankfully the bus picked us right up at the dock. We were on the bus for about three hours to get to the Belize-Mexico border. We had to get off the bus, get our passports stamped, and then walk our of Belize and get back on the bus. Then we were kind of in no man´s land between Belize and Mexico and the bus drove us five minutes to the Mexico border crossing where we had to take all of our luggage off and to go through that border and then walk across the border and get back on the bus. It was a hassle, but not quite as much as the Guatemala-Mexico border. Our bus took us another fifteen minutes to Chetumal, where we had to get off and get on another bus, the freezer bus, as we call them because of the crazy air conditioning. We spent the rest of the day traveling to Playa del Carmen. Even though it was our longest travel day, the roads are flat and straight, so it wasn´t that bad. It was raining the whole way, and when we finally got to Playa we had to walk about fifteen minutes in the rain to our hotel. One of my travelmates bags was broken, so it took a group effort to get everyone to the hotel with all of our luggage. Most of us were starving by this time, and we had seen a steakhouse on the walk to our hotel so four of us decided to go there. It was probably one of the best meals I have ever had. It was very expensive, but after the long travel day, it was well worth it. They had a huge buffet with salads, casseroles, shrimp, fish, ceviches, and different sea foods set up. Then when you are ready, you flip a sign on your table to green and they start grilling up meats for you. They bring huge skewers of meat to the table and carve it right onto your plate. They keep doing this until you turn your card to red when you need a break. Then when you are ready for more you flip it back to green. There were about 10-12 different kinds of meats so we were absolutely stuffed when we went back to hotel. Our hotel has a little bar attached to it, so we had a few drinks there before going to bed.

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