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We got up early and took a chicken bus to the market at Chichicastenango. Chicken buses are the old retired school buses that the Guatemalens add a lot of color too and then use for local transportation. Often they bring thier chickens on the bus to take to the market and sell. We didn´t see any chickens but it was an experience. They pack the buses and put three people in each seat. Some of the roads were quite steep and the buses don´t downshift they just keep the brakes pushed down. I was waiting for them to give out as it was non stop screeching. The market was a little overwhelming. It was a lot bigger then any of the other markets we have been too, and a lot more crowded. I bought a painting that I liked and then went and ate lunch. We got back on our private bus for a few hour drive to Antigua. We are lucky to have two tour guides. One is our real guide and the other is in training and just riding along on the trip so he can learn the route. He is from Antigua so we are expecting to get to see some things that a lot of other people don´t get to see. I´m getting ready to go eat dinner, and then to salsa dancing lessons. Salsa lessons were really fun. We also learned Merengue. After dinner we went to a salsa dancing club and there were some people that were really good there. The town here completely shuts down at midnight and it is really dangerous to be on the streets after that time, so most people went home a little early. I wanted to stay out till midnight to celebrate my birthday, so our tour leader took me and a few others to the only place on town that stays open past midnight. It was an Irish pub. Go figure. We stayed there till midnight to celebrate my birthday and then went home.

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