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The young lady working on my feet

Six guys in a row

Lunch with a bright light coming in the window

Here's to a wonderful day

Yesterday we awoke to a breezy, warm day. It became very windy later in the afternoon and remained quite windy most of the night last night.

Marilyn & I had our morning coffee together but she wasn't quite up to par yet. She decided to stay home from Mexico and suggested that I could ride with Heinz & Gilbert.

I checked with Heinz and that was fine with him. We were leaving at 9:30 AM, planning to enjoy a morning out with the guys before meeting Irene and Louise at Garcia's for lunch.

We had a nice visit on the way to the border, parked on the USA side, and strolled across the bridge to Progreso.

Gilbert was going for a pedicure and convinced Heinz and I that we should also enjoy this pleasurable experience. Heinz and I were both skeptical but decided to try it one time. I had always been under the impression that pedicures were for the ladies, not the men. I was wrong! (Marilyn loves it when I have to say that!)

Anyway, as we entered the town and began to walk down the main street, Heinz appeared to be on a mission, looking for a certain little bar. It was only 10:00 AM, so I thought he was going to show us where he had enjoyed the best margarita he had ever tasted. It was more than that. He found the place and, before I knew it, each of us had a margarita to go, in a styrofoam cup, the rim coated with salt, and a tiny straw sticking out of the top. I hadn't even had breakfast yet, and here we are, strolling down the street with a coffee cup filled with tequila and other stuff. This day was definitely off to an unusual beginning.

Gilbert began checking out the numerous places offering pedicures as we walked south along the busy street. Many places offer that service but for three of us at once it presented a challenge, so we continued on, after dropping our salt rimmed coffee cups into a trash container, to finally arrive at a place we had seen before, which looked very neat and clean.

Looking in the window, I saw three other guys seated along the wall, to begin pedicures. We went in, asked if they could take all three of us, and upon receiving an affirmative answer, we sat in the same row with the other three guys. I was delighted to see that the guy on the far end was familiar to me. It was John, who we met when we first arrived here at Llano Grande this winter. He introduced me to his son-in-law, who was seated next to me. I took a few pictures which I will post for you. We noticed that these other three guys were now having their feet worked on by young ladies and were drinking an ice cold beer. Heinz looked at me and said, "This has to be on our Bucket List!" That is our own list of things to do before we kick the bucket.

We laughed and remarked that a margarita was in order. Within minutes we were also having our feet worked on and being served a margarita. Wow, what an experience! It doesn't get any better than this! Life is good!

It wasn't even 11:00 AM and I had reached my self imposed limit of no more than two drinks in a day, and was seated in a row of six guys, experiencing a pedicure for the first time in my life. I asked one of the ladies to take a picture which she did, and I'll post it for you. I must admit that this was a very enjoyable experience. Men and couples wandered by, looking in the window, pointing at us with grins on their faces.

We were finished by 11:15 and it was perfect timing because we were meeting Irene and Louise across the street at 11:30, for lunch.

The conversation during lunch was quite animated and punctuated with laughter as we related the events of the morning. The only thing missing was Marilyn. :(

For lunch I had a 6 oz filet with 4 coconut shrimp, for $9.95. Another bargain because the meal was delicious. I did forget to mention to you that the cost for the pedicure was $9.00. Of course a tip was added to the cost of each of these expenditures.

Once lunch was over we made our way back north toward home. I had to stop in a pharmacy to pick up some Z-pack and we made another stop at the duty free store before returning to the USA side of the border.

Once back at Llano Grande, I found Marilyn feeling better, and related the stories of the guys day in Mexico. We watched a little TV, read some, and enjoyed the wind coming in the windows. By now the wind had picked up to gale force and was rocking the RV. This gentle rocking continued on into the night. I fixed some oyster stew for dinner and we watched the ABC special about the young lady who disappeared in Aruba.

We slept with the windows open all night, enjoying the wind blowing across the bed. It was pretty strong sometimes and we had to hold the covers down a time or two. :)

It was a great night of sleep and the wind has abated somewhat this morning. The few low clouds are moving fast though and I suspect that this will be another windy day.

Yesterday would have been perfect if only my lovely bride was feeling good. We'll see how today goes for her. She has her last Spanish class this morning while I go off to play in the last softball game for me, for this winter.

We still have lots to do to get ready for our move back to Missouri, so it is time to get started on this day.

Wow, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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