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The exit from Waitomo caves

The big apple!

The view from the top of the big apple

We left Auckland today heading for Rotorua. On the way we stopped at Waitomo Caves. These are huge limestone caves with glow worms. We first walked through the caves and were given a talk about them. They are much bigger than the other caves we had been in. At one point the we were able to see the silk lines that the glow worms use to 'fish' for insects. This was very impressive and unusual to see.

We continued on to the boat area. This is where we would get a small boat through the glow worm grotto and out of the caves. Unfortunately no photography is allowed in the caves as the flash would stop the glow worms from glowing. The boat trip was in almost darkness and the boat was pulled along on ropes so there was no noise. When we looked up to the ceiling it was like looking at the night sky full of stars. It was really amazing and well worth doing.

We stopped for lunch at the Big Apple Cafe.... just as tacky as you would expect! The novelty here is that you can climb through the apple to the top, which we did. The view was great but the apple has obviously been used for drinking sessions and a toilet along the way, pretty gross.

How lucky are we, our bus decided to break down again so we got stranded on the side of a road for two hours in the middle of nowhere. The bus driver was very good in that he had got another coach to come and take as many people that he had space for which turned out to be everyone bar Eamonn and Samantha.

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