Florida 2008 travel blog

We were not due to dock at Cozumel until 10 AM and we were pretty much right on time. We again started with our room service breakfast, but this time we ate inside as we were sailing south along the coast and our balcony was getting the full blast of the sun. The morning temperature here was in the low 80's and there was some humidity, but as long as you were not in the direct sun it was not too bad.

After breakfast Joyce headed for the shops ashore and I went to the pool deck. I found a good spot in the shade and with a nice breeze. I was still there when Joyce came back after her expedition. She had found what she wanted and was happy.

We stayed in place where I had spent the morning and read for another hour or so until time to find some lunch. While we were sitting there an old friend docked on the other side of the pier. It was the Holland America Veendam on which we had done one of our Alaska cruises. We were unable to remember the other ship and which was the one on which Walt and Carol made their anniversary cruise.

After lunch we got some frozen yogurt and went back to our room. By now the balcony was in the shade. Joyce stay out and read after her yogurt was gone, but the noise of the two ships got to me so I went inside and enjoyed the quiet and the air conditioning.

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