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Yesterday was another wonderful day here in the valley. Bright sunshine with warm temperatures which reached into the upper 70's, and a nice breeze all day.

I was awake early and after finishing up the journal entry, I put the coffee on. That got Marilyn out of bed. :) She joined me for a cup of coffee but one cup was all she wanted. She wasn't quite up to par yet. She did begin to feel better as the day went on, and we finally sat outdoors for awhile around 4:00 in the afternoon. However, once the sun began to set behind the palms, it cooled off and the breeze felt a bit chilly, so we went back inside the RV to watch DVD movies.

I finally gave up and went to bed around 9:30 PM, to read for awhile. All in all, it was a very lazy, relaxing day.

We slept with the windows open last night, and the temperature inside the RV this morning is 69 degrees. Not bad for Feb 3rd. :)

We had several phone calls from Jennifer yesterday, just to talk, and she said they have snow and cold temperatures back there in northeast Missouri. I have been on the computer checking the 10 day forecast for San Antonio, Colbert, OK, Springfield, MO and Hannibal, MO. It appears that we won't have any major weather concerns on our journey back to Mark Twain country.

By the way, Marilyn & I will be in Springfield, IL for an RV show at the end of March. We will have a booth promoting the Mark Twain Cave Campground, and area attractions, to draw more people to visit our area. If any of you readers are in the Springfield, IL area at that time, please come on out and stop by the booth to say hello.

I will probably help out some with tours at the caves also but have no intention of being a full time employee as we were last summer. That just took away too much of our freedom.

Many of you good readers know Howard & Linda Payne who write the "rv-dreams" web site. They were a tremendous inspiration to us as we made the decision to become full-timers. Howard called yesterday and suggested that Marilyn & I might like to meet up with them half way between us, for some fun activity with birds. That would have been wonderful and we would definitely have done that if we weren't heading back to Missouri on Saturday. Hated to miss a chance to spend time with these wonderful friends, again. We will see you in Branson, Howard, and don't forget my offer to help if you need me.

Well, dear readers, this is Super Bowl Sunday, and I hope Marilyn is feeling normal again. I plan to fix some oyster stew today, and maybe grill some pork steak. I enjoy using our favorite bar-b-cue sauce every chance I get.

Tomorrow, we are going to Mexico with our friends, Tuesday I will play softball for the last time this year, Wednesday we are going to host a picnic for a few of our friends, Thursday we are having our rig washed and waxed, Friday is a "Prepare to Move" day, and we will try to leave early on Saturday morning. So now you know our plans for the week.

I will try to write in the journal each day as we travel toward Hannibal, and will take some pictures once we arrive and get set up.

I called my friend, Jeff, at Mark Twain Cave Campground, and laughingly asked him to plow the snow off of our site. :)

It you look back to our journal entries on page 4 and find the entry dated Dec 5, 2006, you will see pictures of the snow and ice situation we faced as brand new full-time RVers.

Well folks, it is time to wrap this up. I find myself just rambling this morning.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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