Preparing for the RV life May 2007 travel blog

A barn made of limestone and wood at Lynden B Johnson's homestead

The good ol' longhorn...they could withstand the long cattle drives whereas Herefords...

In 1836 the 1, 000 troop Mexican army attacked the US held...

Dinner with friends in San Antonio

The adult table with Mark's homemade lasagna noodles!

Mission San Jose built in the late 1700's

Mission Concepcion

Everything in Texas is big and this also includes its' history. We have really had fun learning about this state. The Alamo was first a Spanish run mission with the intent to convert local Indians. The Mexican government advertised free land to settlers from the states to come on down to what was Mexico. Many took advantage of this offer, so much so, that the Mexican Gov. discussed ways to protect its' borders and to stop the influx of immigrants - history really does repeat itself. Texans eventually took over the mission Alamo until March 6 1836 when Mexican Gen Santa Ana attacked with 1,000 troops and overtook the 189 men in the fort. Texas later became a state after several other skirmishes with Mexico. Fun fact...Texas is the Lone Star state and is the only state that can fly it's flag at the same heigth as the US flag as it was it's own Republic before asking the US to be annexed into the Union for safety reasons.

Enough history. We were blessed to spend some time with friends from the Ptarmigan cabin, the Doderer family. The boys loved their time to interact and play with Katie and Emily. Mark and Marcy spoiled us with homemade lasagna and terrific conversations.

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