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Too Much Fun?

Beach Dog. Dig, Dig, Dig...

Way Too Much Fun?


It's A Dog's Life

Kitesurfing Capital Of The West Coast

Not What You Think...Some Would Say 'Worse'...

...Yup, A Busted Toilet! Resourceful Andy Taking Care Of Business


Windshield-Pecker - He Worked On Our Windows All Week!

Andy, Manon and Carol Chillin' At The Beach - El Sargento

Building A Ship Of Sand

Baja Garden

Giant Against The Big Blue Sky

Desert Garden By The Sea

Harvey Rests In The Desert Sun

Happy Hour Daily Dog Walk

What's The Nickname For This Development? "Titty City", Of Course! They Say...

La Ventana Campground - Windsports Flea Market

Carol Ripping Up Bahia De La Ventana

Who's Gonna Bail...?

End Of Session Ceremony At The Public School

Carol's Neighbour, Mary, Gets Recognized For Her Benevolent Work In The Community

La Ventana and El Sargento (pronounced 'la ben-tah-nah' and 'el sar-henh-toe') are the kitesurfing and sailboarding mecca of the west coast. These former fishing villages on the long Bahia de la Ventana, have been reinvented as a rough and rudimentary infrastructure for the wind-sport crowd.

We were fortunate to have our friends Brian and Carol there when we visited. They welcomed us to their property for a relaxing week of beach and windsport watching and even some snorkelling. Their neighbour friend Mike was patient and kind with Emma.

Besides just hanging out, our week's highlights were: visiting the free campground flea market, visiting the public school on their last day of classes before the holidays and doing a jury-rig on the business end of Harvey's busted toilet... ...mmmm, mmm, fun!

Oh, I forgot to mention the daily dog walks at,

"four-thirty, five. Bring a cocktail, dog's are optional."

Actually, we learned just before arriving that Carol and Brian had to put down their much loved "Chula", a german shepherd, very old lady and family member for years. She seemed to have chosen Baja, a place she had visited and enjoyed so many times, as the end of her earthly run.

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