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Broken toe in the first hour of our arrival

Rick fixed it, no problem

Looking better already

View of Porto Real AI

Rick with Cindy and Robin at LaBomba Jairocha

Side street off 5th

Our FREE 3 hour sailing trip! So much fun

Rick on the sailboat

Cindy with her new boyfriend! (she wishes :o) )

New years eve, Cindy,Robin and Me

Ok, so let me just highlight our first ever New Years eve trip to Mexico.

*Change tickets to leave from Memphis instead of Houston (save us 4 hours drive & 2 hotel nights in Houston)

*Drive to Memphis on 26th

*Leave at the but crack of dawn on a 6:50am flight to Charlotte

*Board plane in Charlotte 11am

*Boy it's warm in this plane, oh well, will be better when we take off.

*Call maintenance, something wrong with A/C

*No problem, fixed in 5 min.

*Take off....Yipeeeee

*Oops.......25 mins into flight, small explosion on plane

*Uh Oh, planes going down

*Wake up Rick, I think we are going to crash!

*Oxygen masks fall down

*Relax, breathe normal


*Captain....."We have lost cabin pressure, heading back to Charlotte"

*Need to get below 14,000 ft so you can breathe

*Woman in back having panic attack

*Baby throwing up

*Boy with spinal meningitis in the back of plane not feeling well

*Re-circulating air on a plane? spinal meningitis? Isn't that contagious? Oh well who cares, we are going to crash anyway

*Airways are closed at the Charlotte airport, our plane is in distress, no other planes permitted to land

*Land safely, greeted by Charlottes finest fire & rescue

*No problem ladies and gentleman, we will have another plane for you and will depart at 3:45pm

*Great, to the bar for a "calm your nerves" margarita.

*Just one more margarita

*Ok, really just one more, then we have to go!!

*In the bathroom, announcement......"If you are on the flight to Cancun, it's cancelled, get your bags and go to the ticket counter to re-book.

*300 people in line

*No seats on any plane, any airline, so sorry

*On the phone with US air, great we can go to Washington Dullis on the 28th, and then fly to Cancun on the 30th at 8pm!

*Perfect! Flip flops, shorts etc......great attire for 10 below!

*Go to the Ramada meal tickets......restraunt problem bar food will be just great (yuk)

*Message from US air that night, "We have a new plane, leaving at 10am, get to cancun at noon"

*Yeah, things will be just fine now.

*Flight is great, even give us free drinks!

*Thank God for carry on luggage, no lines no waiting, straight to the taxi and we are off to playa del carmen.

*Arrive at the hotel in record time, 45 mins.

*Clothes off, bathing suit on and we are off to the beach!

*New beach club, Kool, lets check it out

*Watch out for the sand colored stones on the beach.

*Rick did you hear that?

*Oh no! stubbed my toe, no big deal I do it every trip

*Look down, uh oh.......Toes are suppose to be straight, the baby one is looking west now (see photos)

*Senora, necesita un ambulancia? No gracias, necesito tequila

*Otro mas tequila

*Ok Rick, just pull it

*Otro mas tequila

*All better, anyone have some comes the lifeguard

*Everything is great now.

*Next morning, wow look at all the nice colors in my toe! More tape! (see photos)

*On the beach, sailing, ceviche and sun,

*New Years eve, make it to 11pm, too tired going to bed. Yeah right! Hotel have big party, music pounding till 5am

*Up at 7am, go to the beach for breakfast

*What's this? Parties still going on? Beach is packed, music blaring, drunk people passed out everywhere (See photos)

*Hey, if you can' beat em, join em!

*Who needs breakfast anyway

*Jan 2nd, time to go home

*go to the airport

*Sorry, US air cancelled your return flight!

*WHAT???? We are flying American on the way home!


*So can you fix it!

*Un momento.

*Ok, bueno everything is good

*Fly to Dallas, then Memphis, meet Ricks uncle at the airport

*Get back Chico our long lost dog

*Drive 3 hours home to Jackson

The End

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