Mark and Vicki 2007/8 Brasil Trip travel blog

View from the living room.

The pool.

The natural swimming pool in the ocean.

Two black people eating prawns.

Vicki next to the floating restaurant.

The sailing dhows that go to the Piscina naturale.

Way to go.

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Maceio practice for Carnival.

So, now we are in the North East. This is a very different part of Brasil. For one; the people are blacker, for two it is hotter and for three even the food is different. The picture of the pool at Gregory's apartment is for Kris to see the size and the glass barrier as an idea for his own pad. Gregory has a crop dusting business, mainly sugar cane, and a small aircraft repair business. He has his own runway and employs about 40 people; pilots and mechanics. We went out there today to admire. The 'swimming pool in the ocean' or 'piscina natural' is a sand bank surrounded by coral. Small sailing craft with hundreds of people (always there are hundreds, if not thousands of people) take you out there and then there are other boats with cooking gear ready to serve you local dishes and of, course, beer. We rented snorkels and goggles and admired the little coloured tropical fish. Sailing on a friends' catamaran in the blue, blue sea and eating out has been our main occupation whilst here. Tomorrow we head south again towards Salvador, Bahia. It will be Carnival starting in a day or two and so we had better find a place to stay tout de suite.

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