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Workers in a vineyard in France.

This cottage is for sale in the area of Monclar de Quercy,...

The Arc House Spa, Monclar de Quercy, France

The first major trip I'll be logging in this travel journal is for my upcoming stay at The Arc House Spa in Monclar de Quercy, France. Last summer, while scouring the Internet for spa vacations, I came across The Arc House, a women-only destination spa near Toulouse. A quick assessment of the cost and dollar/euro exchange, and I was on to other possibilities. But now the spa is offering an airfare reimbursement up to $900, my frequent flyer miles have accumulated and I paid more in federal income tax than I had to, so -- synchronicity. Now, the reservations are made, the airfare between home in the San Francisco Bay Area and Paris is purchased, and ... a few weeks of study to polish my French. It would be more accurate to say dig up the long-buried memories of my eight years of studying French in school. Pardon, mais j'ai oublie tout. Thank goodness for podcasts. Ou est la plume de ma tante?

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